Monster Prom 29.10.2018

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Monster Prom 29.10.2018 | 411.50 MB

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: OS X
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel
RAM minimum: 4 GB
Video RAM:

1) Unpack
2) Double click “Monster Prom.command” to play

Language: English
Version: Steam v28.10.2018

There’s only 3 weeks left before prom and you haven’t got a date yet..and you’re a monster. But that’s okay ‘cause at your high-school everyone else is too! These are the stepping stones into the world of Monster Prom, a one-to-four player competitive dating sim that has you thinking: I never knew I was into that!
Choose your own adventure and get all the way to your special monster’s heart before anyone else does, take personality quizzes to determine your stats, get into all kinds of funny and absurd situations to seduce your sweetheart and find out more about yourself than you or your friends ever knew.

Play to your strengths to earn better rewards, discover and unlock items that boost your chances at your favourite fiend’s fondness and fight the good fight all in the name of the thing high-schoolers dream of: not going to the prom alone.

Grab up to three friends or play by yourself, enjoy the beautiful art, the witty dialogue and be prepared to make hard choices because at the end of the cruel, cut-throat world of Monster Prom there are only two types of people: lovers and losers. Being a monster is hard, but getting a date for prom is even harder!

Competitive dating sim: Nothing makes the heart grow fonder than a little competition. Set your gaze on one of the sweethearts, but if you share your romantic tastes with your friends, be ready for some stiff competition.
Fantastically funny writing: All’s fair in love and war, except maybe taking yourself too seriously. Through whimsical, postmodern humor, written by Cory O’Brien, Maggie Herskowitz and Julian Quijano, there is no topic Monster Prom won’t make fun of, including itself.
Gorgeous art: There’s never a dull moment while exploring the beautifully crafted world and characters drawn by Arthur Tien.
1000+ funny and absurd situations and hundreds of events: Get into the groove of the local monster high-school through hundreds of events that will branch into 1000+ possible situations, all with multiple outcomes.
Couch Multiplayer for one-to-four people: Play by yourself, with a significant other or with your favourite group of friends.
Easy to pick up and play: No learning required, just have your heart strings ready for tugging.
Characters easy to fall in love with: With 6 fully fledged lovable classmates at your fingertips, go ahead and meet, pick and find out just what makes them tick.
Monstrously post-modern slice of life: A beautifully developed universe with a diverse cast of characters, all with their own personal fashion, outfits, style and quirks, set in the modern world of love with all the trimmings: selfies, dating apps, d**kpics, raves, emojis and more.
Freedom of choice: Monsters don’t like boys or girls, they like monsters. In Monster Prom the game experience is unaffected by gender or sexual orientation, since finding love is already hard enough.
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